Cross the borders, create a dialogue between musical styles

Perspectives was born with this aim: to concieve concerts in a different way, to bring together different influences. Like a sundial which shadows are moving throughout the day, we see the concert like a building lit differently depending on the hours of the day or the place we look at it, and which shows each time a different perspective.

With each listening, record or concert, we want to go beyond time and space, put various influences into perspective and allow different styles to meet.

The artistic notion of perspective, which emerged during the Renaissance and insists on respecting the  right proportions in construction, directions and lines, are just as essential in music. In this same period, the painting, such as Giotto’s, plays with colors, tones, nuances.

Perspective: a modern notion, a reflect of this alliance between the past and the present world.

Perspective: an architectural notion, a way to create a sound, not only by superposing different voices, but also by looking for a specific mblend, a perfect merge between tones on which one can build, resonate and vibrate.

Perspectives: five voices serving one instrument, one we try to polish like a stringed-instrument maker with his violin, to shape using the infinite scope of colors that the human voice possesses. Our voice is not only an instrument but also the unique tool through which we can express our diversity.

Perspectives, a word which expresses this desire of diversity, through using the same professionalism when singing a sacred opus from the Renaissance, a song, a modern creation or a jazz masterpiece, all kinds of musical styles which we have grown up with and which make us what we are.

We are happy to see that our approach is positively perceived by the public, glad to be taken in this musical journey. For us, it is not only a challenge but also a great satisfaction.

When we sing with Perspectives, we want to transmit our passion for this a cappella art while preciously conserving this ability to be enchanted, using original musical orientations.

Perspectives is composed of five singers (soprano, alto, tenor, baryton, bass-baryton) who can sing as a trio, a quatuor or a quintet, different configurations which indefinitely strengthens their affinities.

All having classical backgrounds (CNSM, CNR, Maîtrise de Radio France, CMBV…), the members of Perspectives met while they were singing in different ensembles with which they sang in some of the greatest french and international festivals.

Under the direction of Geoffroy Heurard, they decide in 2012 to create their own ensemble with the desire to explore the diversity of the  a cappella repertoire, from Clement Janequin to György Ligeti, and from Duke Ellington to the Beatles.

Convinced that bringing together classical music and modern songs can only enrich their concerts, they offer eclectic programmes.

The singers


Mathilde Bobot

Geneviève Cirasse

Sean Clayton

Mathieu Dubroca

Geoffroy Heurard